Introducing Twitch streamer “Munchkinjesse”.


I don’t usually write articles that pick up specific people, but I’m a beautiful streamer who got a bit of buzz on my discode-server, and I happened to be on the same team today. Since it is stremed in English, I think there are still many people who don’t know about it in Japan, but it is a strong person who is LV750. From the appearance, it looks like a type that you can enjoy lightly at lv100.

munchkinjesse - Twitch
Interactive gaming content creator and cat mum. Lover of Fallout, Elder Scrolls & other Bethesda titles. Streaming 5 days a week. Due to Twitch Korea changes, a...



Encounter with the Munchkinjesse



Login and join the public team as usual. Have you ever seen the name?このレベル偽物ではなさそう!!でも、写真エモート出しましたが忙しそう。そしてこのワールド妙にレベル高いプレイヤーが多い…

This level is not fake!! But it looks busy in the photo.and there are so many high levels in this world…



キャンプも解放されていたので見に行ってきました。I went to see camping.真ん中にはダイナーがあり、左にガレージ右に住居といった感じです。

There is a diner in the middle, and on the left is the garage right is the residence.



Garage scenery (It is neatly organized using the technique of putting things on the shelf.)ダイナーの風景(スタンダードな雰囲気です)A diner scene (It has a standard atmosphere.)CAMPNPCは、収集者のおっちゃんでした。Does she like BOS?



The ammunition machine on the roof was not locked. Is it free?


Actually, I came here because I wanted to take a picture or take a video, but he didn’t appear …でも、しばらくすると、モノレールエレベーターで何かをしているのでもう一度向かってみます。

But after a while, they are doing something in the monorail elevator, so I will go there again.



Photo with Jesse.


Then I feel like I can go next time!! I realized for the first time the feelings of those who chase movie star I saw in town.最終的に、撮った写真はこちら!Finally, the photos are here!本当は色々細かく設定して撮りたかったけど、あんまり時間をとらせるといけないと思ってサクっととりました。あとで動画を見たら、マンチカンジェシーもちゃんと撮ってくれてたみたいです。動画では、高所から飛び降りてセレンディピティの検証をしていたのかな?

Actually, I wanted to take pictures with various settings, but I thought I shouldn’t take too much time, so I took it quickly.

その時の動画はこちら Click here for the video.

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friend request


I also sended friend, but I was wondering if they could respond to my request …いつもの申請バグだったみたいです。でその後なんか気づいたみたいで、フレンドを申請してくれそうになったんやけど…やめたぽい…なんでやめるんや!!ま、フレンドなったからていつも一緒に遊ぶわけちゃうし、そこまで気にしていません。

It seems to be the usual bug of this game. after that, she was about to make a friend request, but…


When I looked at Twitter, it was written as a Korean streamer. I took it for granted that you were an American.


Most video streamers look natural to themselves, but Jesse is pretty professional, always smiling and friendly, and will be liked by more people. Everyone, please give her a comment. Even if it’s your first time, it’s very friendly.

Finally, I don’t understand English very well. So I used a translation tool. I’m sorry if I’m wrong.

新キャンプは名作ドラマ「大草原の小さな家(Little house in the prairie)」を真似して作って見ました。好きな人います~?
久しぶりにキャンプを作って遊びました。今回はずっと大好きなドラマ「大草原の小さな家」を真似しています。アメリカが舞台のドラマなので、アパラチアの雰囲気にも、とても合っていると思います。自分と同じようにあのドラマ好きな人がいたら嬉しいです。 ...